Who sings the NEW 2019 Lloyds Bank advert song? – ‘I Will Look After You’ Singer

What’s the new Lloyds Bank 2019 advert song called and who sings it?

Following on from the UK banks ‘Running of the Horses’ campaign last year, Lloyds are back with this original ‘Epic Journey’ TV ad that shows a black horse guiding its foal on a long and challenging journey back to the herd.

Ad Music: Look After You. Artist: Aron Wright.
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The Lloyds Bank advert music chosen for this 2019 campaign is a song called ‘Look After You’ that was released a couple of years ago by American singer Aron Wright. Featuring the lyrics “When you think you’re all alone, I’ll wrap you up and I’ll take you home. No matter what you’re going through, I will look after you” and “When you don’t know what you’re gonna do, I will look after you”, the Nashville-based songwriter, vocalist and producer appears to be the original artist to have recorded this single, which makes a change for Lloyds commercial soundtracks.

For the last couple of ads, the banks winning formula has been to use a slowed down cover of an older song like ‘Praise You’, ‘You’re Not Alone’ and ‘Mad World’, recorded by a new, little known singer. Not since the financial companies 250 Year Anniversary ad featured an acoustic version of English singer Birdy’s ‘Wings’ has an original version of a song been chosen for a major Lloyds soundtrack.

The above ‘Epic Journey’ video follows an adult and younger black horse as they walk day and night through foggy fields and across exposed hills and mountains, swim across flowing rivers, and even carefully step over a frozen lake, before finally galloping to meet up with the rest of their equine buddies. Presumably, the big horse guiding the small one through that tricky and treacherous landscape is designed to be a subtle metaphor for Lloyds Bank having the ability to guide its customers through the challenging world of personal finance. The video concludes with the tagline ‘For Every Generation’ and the companies long-running slogan ‘By Your Side’.

12 May, 2019