Kia XCeed Advert – We Wanna Run Free

This TV advert for the All-New Kia XCeed describes the vehicle as “A sporty crossover with state of the art technology” and tells viewers “It won’t be a secret for long”.

The ad video shows a man, his neighbour and loads of other people running through the streets in a race to the local Kia car dealership to buy the new XCeed.

This ‘Power To Surprise’ Kia XCeed advert music features the lyrics “I’m running for you. Remember our love, our love is invincible. We wanna run free”. When I first heard this song, I thought the vocals sounded like Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis Jr. and it must be an old big band tune that had previously illuded me.

However, we have so far been able to confirm who sings this song or what it’s called. We’ll update this page once we’ve found the full singer and song title details.

6 September 2019

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