2020 KeyBank Commercial – Today – Song by Bahamas

KeyBank tells viewers in this new 2020 TV commercial that “When it comes to helping our communities there’s something in it for us: our communities”.

Titled ‘Today’, this 30-second KeyBank ad spot tells us “We could tell you all the things we’re doing to get ready for tomorrow. Instead, we’d rather show you all the things you’re doing that inspire us today”.

The video, like many other commercials around right now, then shows footage of people trying to make the most of life under the coronavirus restrictions. The ad concludes with the message “Proud to invest in this community. Today. Tomorrow. Always”.

Ad Music: Lost In The Light.
Artist: Bahamas.
Stream or download from Amazon.

The KeyBank commercial song that we hear playing is a tune called ‘Lost In The Light’ that was recorded by the Canadian singer and musician Bahamas.

Released for download in 2012 from the album ‘Barchords’, this song features the lyrics “It was my greatest thrill. We just stood still. Let me hold your hand ’til I had my fill”.


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