HSBC Advert 2020 – Where are you from?

With Brexit official and the UK having now officially left the EU, HSBC continues its “We are not an island. We are home to so much more” theme in this new advert, which again stars actor and television presenter Richard Ayoade as The IT Crowd and Travel Man star asks us “Where are you from?”.

The specific theme of this latest HSBC UK ad is that the question is perhaps not “Where you are from?” but in fact “Where do you feel at home?”, making the point that here in Britain we’re influenced every day by other countries and that being British isn’t necessarily about where you were born.

Advert Music: Consider Yourself (From Oliver!).
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This 2020 HSBC advert song is ‘Consider Yourself’ and is taken from the British musical Oliver!, with the music and lyrics written by Lionel Bart. The song is performed in the 1968 film version of Oliver! by English actor and singer Jack Wild while playing the character Artful Dodger.

1 February 2020

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