Hop House 13 Advert – Mural – Song by Spring King

This TV advert from Guinness for their Hop House 13 larger features a giant animated mural being displayed on a wall, showing the beer flowing and eventually filing an actual pint glass.

The voice tells us “You wanted a larger with more taste, so we made one”.

Advert Music: Who Are You?. Artist: Spring King.
Download or stream from Amazon.

The Hop House 13 advert song playing in this latest 2019 campaign is a track called ‘Who Are You?’ that was recorded by the English garage and indie rock band Spring King. This track is taken from the Macclesfield group’s ‘Tell Me If You Like To’ album and was released for download in 2015. You can also find Who Are You? on the various artist’s compilation album ‘Brightonsfinest, Vol. 2’.

10 June 2019

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