Homebase Dream Kitchens Advert 2021 – Trumpet Music by Gerhard Narholz

Set to a piece of trumpet music that we have the details of below, this new 2021 Homebase TV advert scrolls through the latest range of Dream Kitchens – Made Real.

As the video shows families and friends living their lives in the various styles of Dreams Kitchens, the ad’s voice-over tells viewers to “Book a free virtual design consultation and make your dream kitchen a reality”.

Song Title: Melody For Lovers.
Composer: Gerhard Narholz.

The trumpet music playing during this Dream Kitchens Homebase advert is a song called ‘Melody For Lovers’ that was created by the Austrian-American arranger, conductor, and composer Gerhard Narholz.

We haven’t so far been able to find the full-length song available to download, but if we do find it available we’ll add the link to this page.

10 Jan 2020

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