Homebase Dream Kitchens Advert 2021 – Trumpet Music

Set to a piece of trumpet music that we have the details of below, this new 2021 Homebase TV advert scrolls through the latest range of Dream Kitchens – Made Real.

As the video shows families and friends living their lives in the various styles of Dreams Kitchens, the ad’s voice-over tells viewers to “Book a free virtual design consultation and make your dream kitchen a reality”.

This Homebase advert began airing during TV ad breaks in early 2021, but we’d expect to see it return later in the year, hopefully when lockdown restrictions are no longer needed and home kitchen installations are fully within the rules.

Song Title: Melody For Lovers.
Composer: Gerhard Narholz.

The trumpet music playing during this Dream Kitchens Homebase advert is a song called ‘Melody For Lovers’ that was created by the Austrian-American arranger, conductor, and composer Gerhard Narholz.

We haven’t so far been able to find the full-length song available to download, but if we do find it available we’ll add the link to this page.

10 Jan 2021

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