Hayes & Jarvis Advert – Extraordinary – Song by Singer Hannah Cohen

Travel company Hayes & Jarvis offers viewers ‘Extraordinary travels, tailored for you’ in this new 2020 TV advert, which features a song by New York-based singer Hannah Cohen.

The 30-second ad sees the tailor-made holiday and long haul specialists asking viewers “What’s your extraordinary?”, while showing alternative meanings for the brands H & J logo. The video includes footage filmed at various exotic locations, including tropical seas, lush mountainous landscapes, and on safari.

The H&J advert voice-over then tells us “At Hayes & Jarvis, we tailor every holiday to your needs. So your extraordinary is always handpicked and just for you. . . Extraordinary travels, tailored for you”.

Advert Music: Dissolving.
Singer: Hannah Cohen.
Stream or download from Amazon.

This chilled-out and relaxing 2020 Hayes & Jarvis advert music is a song by the American singer-songwriter Hannah Cohen titled ‘Dissolving’. This soothing tune features on Hannah’s third album ‘Welcome Home’ and was released for download as a full-length song last Spring.

3 February 2020

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