Häagen-Dazs Commercial Song 2020 – Galvanize, Don’t Hold Back

Ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs has just released this new 2020 TV commercial which tells viewers “Don’t Hold Back” and features a re-worked version of the song ‘Galvanize’.

The rather bizarre advert video shows a woman with pink hair chopping a tub of Häagen-Dazs in half so she can share it with her twin sister.

We also see a dance troupe performing and a woman jumping into water while wearing a large pink dress, none of whom are holding back.

Advert Music: Galvanize (Re-work).
Singers: Cape Town Youth & Ukhonukamva Worship Choir.
Stream or download the original from Amazon.com or Amazon UK.

This 2020 Häagen-Dazs commercial song is a re-worked version of the track ‘Galvanize’ that was originally recorded in 2005 by English electronic music duo The Chemical Brothers.

The re-worked cover version playing in this Haagen Dazs TV and YouTube ad was recorded by the Cape Town Youth and Ukhonukamva Worship Choir.

We haven’t yet found a full-length version of this Galvanize cover available to download but we’ll update this page if and when that changes.


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