Gousto Advert Music 2021 – Give It Some – Video & Song List

The recipe box delivery company Gousto encourages viewers to ‘Give It Some’ in this slick new 2021 TV advert, which features an excellent if rather complex music mix.

We’ve identified four different songs playing in this new Gousto advert:

Song 1: Nuggets.
Artist: Mura Masa (ft. Bonzai).
Album: Mura Masa.
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The opening piece of music in this Gousto commercial is the 2017 single ‘Nuggets’ by electronic music producer Mura Masa, featuring Bonzai.

Song 2: One To Another.
Artist: The Charlatans.
Album: Tellin’ Stories – Expanded Edition.
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About 10 seconds into the ad the soundtrack switches to a bit of guitar-based rock with ‘One To Another’, a song that was released in 1997 by English band The Charlatans.

Song 3: Rampage.
Artist: Kavinsky.
Album: OutRun.
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Track 3 is called ‘Rampage’ and was released back in 2013 by the French electronic musician Kavinsky and apparently samples a tune from the Japanese anime television series Dragon Ball Z.

Song 4: Enola Gay.
Artist: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD).
Album: Organisation.
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The last piece of music and the main song playing in this Gousto TV advert is titled ‘Enola Gay’ and was released in 1980 by British synthpop group Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, reaching number 8 on the UK singles chart.

Gousto has been airing both the above complete version of this commercial, along with shorter sections that feature just one or two of the above songs.

2 Jan 2021

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