Gillette Advert 2021 – Men’s Shaving Range – Song & Actor Details

Believe it or not, this new 2021 TV advert for the Gillette range of men’s razors features a man shaving and the slogan ‘The Best A Man Can Get’.

But what makes this advert unique from all the other Gillette commercials in history is that it promotes the brand’s new fully recyclable packaging, so hopefully, this means no more waste plastic.

The video features an actor, who I was sure I’d seen in some television show, movie, or ad before, with an already shaven head, shaving his face in front of the mirror. We now know that the man’s name is Alex Montagnani and he’s an actor and professional MMA fighter.

I guess he wasn’t tempted to shave off the beard at the same time he was doing his face. But hey, during periods of lockdown he should be commended for even making the effort to shave once, let alone twice.

So close, clean shave achieved, the guy is now smooth and ready to hold his daughter, as the ad concludes with the voiceover saying “Your face says so much without saying a word. Put your best face forward”.

Gillette Advert Music: Human.
Artist: Rag’n’Bone Man.
Stream or download from Amazon.

Including the lyrics “Take a look in the mirror and what do you see?”, this Gillette advert song for 2021 is British R&B singer Rag’n’Bone Man’s 2016 breakthrough hit single ‘Human’ that the following year became the title song of his debut album.

21 Feb 2021

TV Advert Music
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