Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Commercial – Power to Work & Play – Song by I Don’t Speak French

This TV commercial for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra shows us how the smartphone gives users the power to work and the power to play.

The 30-second ad spot tells viewers that the Note20 Ultra is not just a computer, but that it’s actually a ‘Powerphone’ that works like a computer.

The advert goes on to claim that “This is not just mobile gaming. This is Xbox gaming on 5G. This is all-day battery”.

Advert Music: Blow The Speakers Up.
Artist: I Don’t Speak French.
Download or stream from or Amazon UK.

The song playing in this Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G commercial is a tune by the Swedish multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and music producer Håkan Persson, who releases music under the name I Don’t Speak French.

The track is titled ‘Blow The Speakers Up’ and has just been released for download as a full-length single.

August 7, 2020

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