FCA PPI Deadline Advert – ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’ Crush

That very unofficial Arnold Schwarzenegger look and soundalike head is back to remind television viewers that the PPI deadline is nearly here in this new ‘Singing’ advert.

That date passing by should certainly free-up some space in the daytime TV ad break schedule, not to mention call centre offices. This latest FCA PPI ad sees Arnie’s head stuck in a crusher machine.

Advert Music: Crush. Original Singer: Jennifer Paige.
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Featuring the lyrics “It’s just a little crush. Not like I faint every time we touch”, this FCA PPI advert song that Arnold Bot is singing was originally recorded by the American singer Jennifer Paige. Titled ‘Crush’, the song was released in 1998 and peaked at number 4 on the UK singles chart.

17 June 2019

TV Advert Music
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