Estrella Damm Advert 2020 & 2021 – Song & English Lyrics

Here we have the video and music details to the 2020 and new 2021 Estrella Damm adverts that each feature different sections of the song ‘Another Way of Living’.

First, we cover the original Act I ad, then at the bottom of this page, we bring you the new Act II. Lovers video.

In 2020 Barcelona-based beer brand Estrella Damm released this new English version of their ‘Otra forma de vivir’ advert that shows a woman dancing underwater.

The film features a lady performing a graceful solo dance routine below the ocean’s surface until she becomes surrounded by sheets of plastic and drops to the seabed.

The theme of this Estrella Damm commercial is inspired by the company’s pledge to replace the plastic rings used for their beer can packaging with 100% biodegradable cardboard.

We believe the visuals of this ad, combined with the beautiful music and vocals, make it one of the most genuinely emotional adverts we’ve ever watched.

Advert Music: Otra forma de vivir (English Version)
Spanish Version Musicians/Singers: Joan Dausà feat. Maria Rodés, Santi Balmes.
Stream or download the original from Amazon.

This Estrella Damm advert song is an English version of the track ‘Otra forma de vivir’ that was recorded in 2019 specifically for the ad campaign.

The original Spanish version was recorded by Joan Dausà, featuring Maria Rodés and Santi Balmes, and can be downloaded from Amazon.

Titled ‘Another Way of Living’, the complete version of this English language rerecording has now also been released for download and streaming on Amazon.

Although these aren’t going to be word perfect, the English lyrics that we hear sung in this excellent new Estrella Damm advert go something like this:

Now I, saw you come to life, or helped you when you cried.
Now I, whose heart beats in your eyes. . . to see you smile.
I’m terrified.
I don’t care, were you to. . . my hair.
Leave my body in flames and take away my breath.
It’s been time that you seem to be in the blind.
There must be, another way of living

Sorry that my transcribing doesn’t quite do this beautiful song and vocals justice, but I’m sure we can all agree that this is one of the best TV advert songs ever recorded and is something many big brands would have loved to have for their Christmas ad campaigns.

2021 Estrella Damm Advert – Act II. Lovers

With the male vocal section of the song ‘Another Way of Living’ now providing the soundtrack, this second ad shows conservationists rescuing sea life from plastic and other waste while also cleaning up the sea and shoreline.

Now that both commercials have been released, Estrella Damm UK has combined them into this full-length YouTube video below. Enjoy.

TV Advert Music
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