Erste Group Christmas Commercial Song – Bumblebee

Featuring a song with the lyrics “Another way to see the world”, Erste Group’s new Christmas commercial shows a bumblebee trying to fly using all kinds of unconventional methods.

This extended version of the advert shows a young bumblebee named Hanna trying everything from jumping off her chair in school and holding on to a kite, to hovering over some fans and riding down a hill fast on a bicycle, but all without truly taking flight.

Then one night while out at a Christmas market when it looks like all hope of flying has gone, the bumblebees realize their small wings are now big enough to let them fly for real, without any assistance. It’s a good thing Hanna has her flying goggles with her.

Advert Music: Another Way.
Artist: Tender Trees & Chanele McGuinness.
Stream or download from Amazon.

Featuring the lyrics “Another way to see the world”, this Christmas 2019 Erste Group commercial song is a new track called ‘Another Way’ that was recorded for the ad by Tender Trees, featuring vocals from the Irish singer Chanele McGuinness.

This ‘Bumblebee, Believe in Yourself’ commercial follows on from financial services company Erste Group’s animated Hedgehog ad from last year’s festive season.

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