Electric Cadillac LYRIQ Commercial – Be Iconic

Titled ‘Lead The Charge’, this new TV commercial for the All-Electric Cadillac LYRIQ invites viewers to ‘Be Iconic’.

Showing an actress driving the SUV along a desert road, this 30-second ad spot for the Electric Cadillac LYRIQ also encourages viewers to ‘Be Inspiring, Exceptional, Unexpected, and Electrifying’.

At the time of this commercial’s launch, Cadillac is taking orders for the All-Electric LYRIQ.

Ad Music: Memo.
Artist: Pineapple House.
Stream or download from Amazon.

This Cadillac LYRIQ commercial song is a tune titled ‘Memo’ that was recorded by Pineapple House and was released in 2021 from the album ‘D.Q.Y.D.J’.

You can listen to the complete track in this YouTube video:

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