easyJet Holidays Advert – Hide & Seek – Italian Song by Bruno Rosettani

This new ‘The Search is Over’ 2019 to 2020 easyJet advert shows a girl and everyone else on the beach playing hide and seek, when the game quickly increases in scale.

As the actress covers her eyes and counts down, all the other holidaymakers quickly disperse and a chase across Europe and North Africa ensues. The ad shows the game of hide and seek being played out at some of the many destinations offered by easyJet Holidays, including locations in Portugal, Morocco, and Iceland.

Advert Music: Zucchero e pepe.
Singer: Bruno Rosettani, Trio Aurora.
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The easyJet Holidays advert song featured in this new TV ad campaign is called ‘Zucchero e pepe’ and is performed by the Italian producer and singer Bruno Rosettani.

EasyJet has wasted no time releasing this ad for their new Holidays brand, bringing it out in late November, early December before the holiday bookings rush. Holiday companies usually wait until the period between Christmas and the New Year before bringing out their new adverts, but like festive ads themselves, it appears they’re getting released earlier each year.

29 November, 2019

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