Downy Free & Gentle Commercial Song – Sweatshirt

In contrast to the brand’s recent funny ‘Still Fresh’ TV ad for their unstoppable in-wash scent boosters, this new commercial for Downy Free & Gentle switches comedy for cuteness.

The video shows a young girl just about managing to put on a sweatshirt straight from the laundry basket while the voiceover tells us that “Getting dressed can be rough on sensitive skin”. The ad then goes on to inform viewers that “Downy Free and Gentle has no perfumes, no dyes, and softens clothes for sensitive skin”.

Ad Music: Time. Singer: Angelo De Augustine.
Download or stream from Amazon.

This Free & Gentle 2019 Downy commercial song we hear playing softly in the background is a tune called ‘Time’ that was released for download last year by American¬†singer-songwriter Angelo De Augustine. This piece of music now also features on the Los Angeles-based artist’s third album ‘Tomb’.

July 12 2019

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