Coors Light Commercial – Drinking in the Shower – Song by Gipsy Kings

In addition to offering ‘Mountain Cold Refreshment’ and being ‘Made To Chill’, Coors Light is now also being marketed as ‘The Official Beer of Drinking in the Shower’. This funny new commercial shows a man taking a shower, but just when you think he’s reaching for some shower gel or shampoo, the actor’s hand instead ventures past those bottles to grab a can of Coors Light.

If this is the guy’s evening shower after a hard day at work, it seems like a fair enough way to wind down and relax. But if it’s in fact a weekday morning, this ad video takes on a whole different feel, so we’ll assume we’re watching the first scenario. Either way though, we wouldn’t really recommend drinking beer while taking a shower, especially if it isn’t your first can.

There’s also another Coors Light ad currently running titled ‘The Official Beer of Being Done Wearing a Bra’, which shows an actress unwinding in her own kind of way. You can watch that video at the bottom of this page.

Advert Music: A Mi Manera. Singers: Gipsy Kings.
Download or stream in full from Amazon.

This great ‘Drinking in the Shower’ Coors Light commercial song is a track called ‘A Mi Manera’ by rumba pop-rock musicians the Gipsy Kings. Despite singing in Spanish, the group’s members were actually born in the South of France. You may well recognize the tune and melody of A Mi Manera as being a cover of the Frank Sinatra classic ‘My Way’, but that song itself was set to the music of a French song called ‘Comme d’habitude’.

The Gipsy Kings Spanish version previously featured in an episode of the excellent AMC series Better Call Saul, during a montage starring the character Kim Wexler. As was likely the case for many fans this Breaking Bad spin-off prequel, Better Call Saul was the first thing that came to mind when I heard this Coors Light ad music.

Oh yes. Here’s a look at that ‘The Official Beer of Being Done Wearing a Bra’ Coors commercial:

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