2020 Colgate Max White Advert – Song by Mason

There’s just been a new 2020 TV advert released for Colgate Max White toothpaste featuring a tune by the Dutch DJ, Mason.

We’re still waiting for the English version of the Colgate commercial to be posted online, so until then we’ve included the German ad.

The title of this video ‘In jedem Lächeln steckt Magie. Smile on mit’, translates as ‘There is magic in every smile. Smile on’.

Advert Music: Dance, Shake, Move.
Producer/DJ: Mason.
Preview or download on iTunes & Amazon.

This 2020 Colgate Max advert song is titled ‘Dance, Shake, Move’ and was released for download back in 2018. Featuring the lyrics “Gonna dance, gonna shake, gonna hit you like an earthquake. . . Move with it”, this piece of music was produced by the Dutch DJ Iason Chronis, who goes by the stage name Mason.

If this song and its lyrics sound familiar to you, but you can’t work out where from, you may well have heard it playing in this 2018 Boots advert.


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