Coca-Cola Advert – Tongue, La La La – Song by Mr Pape

A taste of Coke leads to a giant tongue guiding a woman back through her most enjoyable times in this new ‘Magic of Coke Taste – Taste The Feeling’ TV advert.

We’ve probably all experienced how smelling a particular scent or hearing a certain piece of music can evoke associated memories, but in this new Coca Cola commercial, an actress experiences that same feeling after tasting a Coke. With the help of a very long CGI tongue, the young woman is transported from a rainy day in the city, to a sunny beach, a skiing trip, the cinema, a surprise party, and bungee jumping.

Coke Advert Music: La La La. Artist: Mr Pape.

This latest Coca-Cola advert song is a so far unreleased piece of music called ‘La La La’ that was recorded by Mr Pape.

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