Churchill Advert 2021 – ‘Dog on Slide’ Song & Video

The Churchill dog rides a ‘Bumpy Slide’ in the insurance company’s 2021 ‘Chill’ TV advert that’s set at a Funfair.

Following an initially smooth glide down the fairground slide, the dog slows down, but soon gets going again with a quick push of their paws.

This brief stop and restart serves as a visual analogy of this Churchill ad campaign’s message that “Should life come to a stop, we’ll give you up to £100 for immediate expenses so you can keep moving”.

Advert Music: Morals.
Group: Africa Express.
Stream or download from Amazon.

Fitting in with the campaign’s ‘Chill’ theme, this ‘Dog on Slide’ 2021 Churchill advert song is a chilled-out tune titled ‘Morals’.

Released in 2019, the song was recorded by Africa Express who are a musical collective led by Damon Albarn that facilitates collaborations between musical artists from Africa, the Middle East, and Western countries.

The singers and musicians featured on this particular track are Moonchild Sanelly, Mahotella Queens, Muzi, and Mr Jukes.

Given that it’s a couple of years now since this tune was released, it’s a little surprising that we haven’t heard the track used in an ad campaign before this Chruchill advert. Perhaps no other brand had a character cool enough to do it justice.

7 Feb 2021

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