Chase Sapphire Reserve Commercial – Song by Klyne

This ‘Make more of what’s yours’ TV commercial from Chase promotes its Sapphire Reserve credit card, which now allows users to stretch their points 50% further when booking travel through Chase, allowing your same vacation to take you to many more places.

The Chase ad spot shows an actor diving into a swimming pool, before coming back to surface in a tropical sea. The guy then goes briefly back under, just before he comes back up at a pool party where the DJ is the British-American musician, songwriter, and record producer Mark Ronson.

Advert Music: Water Flow.
Artist: Klyne.
Download or stream from Amazon.

This 2020 Chase Sapphire Reserve commercial song is called ‘Water Flow’ and was recorded by the Netherlands-based music artist’s Klyne. The single was first released for download in 2016.

January 27, 2020

TV Advert Music
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