Cathedral City Cheese Advert – Stay Home – Song by Dan Croll

Here’s the new TV advert for Cathedral City Cheese which reinforces the message that we need to ‘Stay Home’ during the coronavirus lockdown and promotes their cheeses as ‘The Nation’s Favourite’.

The 30-second #stayhome ad video tells us that “Right now, more than ever, the safest most comforting place to be is home”, while we’re shown a deserted playground and paths. We also see a road that’s almost empty, except for a lone Cathedral City lorry transporting cheese.

They say that in times of trouble people turn to things they know for comfort and, in this ad at least, that includes their favourite brand of cheese for some good old fashioned comfort food.

Advert Music: Home.
Singer: Dan Croll.
Stream or download from iTunes or Amazon.

This 2020 Cathedral City advert song, which fits the campaign message perfectly, is simply titled ‘Home’. The single was recorded by the British singer-songwriter Dan Croll and was released for download in 2013 from the deluxe version of his album ‘Sweet Disarray’.

Home may sound familiar to your ears as it featured a couple of years back, when the world and everyday life looked very different, in a festive TV ad campaign for the sofa retailer DFS. However, this same song appeared in a ‘Come Home’ advert for Cathedral City Cheese way before that in 2014.


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