Calvin Klein Eternity Commercial – Actor, Song & Singer Details – Unchained Melody

Here’s the full-length video of Calvin Klein’s new TV commercial for their two Eternity fragrances: For Women and For Men.

The CK advert stars 51-year-old American model Christy Turlington and 52-year-old actor Edward Burns who, with this being a fragrance ad, are of course being filmed on a beach with some arty black and white scenes included for good measure.

As the pair are shown embracing, kissing, and generally getting very familiar with each other, you may be interested to know that they’re actually a married couple in real life. So no need to worry about social distancing in this ad film.

Advert Music: Unchained Melody.
Singer: Lykke Li.
Stream or download from or Amazon UK.

This Calvin Klein Eternity commercial song is Swedish female vocalist Lykke Li’s cover of that classic tune ‘Unchained Melody’ that was most famously recorded in 1965 by musical duo The Righteous Brothers.

10 Nov 2020

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