California Lottery Holiday Scratches Commercial – Song by Júníus Meyvant

The California Lottery have just relaunched their Holiday Scratchers for this year’s festive season, again inviting viewers to ‘Give The Gift Of Scratchers’ with this December commercial.

This 2019 ad spot again shows a lady initially being blanked by her fellow residents at an apartment building, with nobody seemingly talking to each other. But after posting everyone a special Holiday Sparkle scratch card, people quickly get more chatty. Presumably, those mostly turned out to be winning scratch cards.

Ad Music: Signals.
Singer: Júníus Meyvant.
Stream or download from Amazon & iTunes.

Featuring the lyrics “Sending out signals to you”, this California Lottery Holiday Scratchers commercial song was first released in back 2015 by the Icelandic singer Júníus Meyvant, whose real name is Unnar Gísli Sigurmundsson. The tune is titled ‘Signals’ and it features on the artists ‘Floating Harmonies’ album.

December 3, 2019

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