Budweiser 2020 Super Bowl Commercial Song – Typical American

Budweiser showcase some of the many extraordinary ‘typical’ Americans in this full-length version of their Super Bowl 2020 commercial.

The 60-second big game ad spot encourages viewers to look beyond the labels and suggests we may be surprised by what we find.

Bud’s Super Bowl LIV commercial features extraordinary men and women who represent the best of the country, jokingly describing these typical Americans as “showing off their strength”, “touching other people’s things”, “always so competitive”, “showing up uninvited”, “removing their clothes in public, “yelling”, “being loud” and “thinking they can save the world”.

The video concludes with the voice-over guy saying “Typical Americans. Always celebrating with their typical American beer. . . Show them what typical can do”.

Commercial Music: Crescendo (Final).
Artist: SebastiAn.
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The 2020 Super Bowl Budweiser commercial song that provides the soundtrack here is titled ‘Crescendo (Final)’. This piece of music was recorded by the French composer, producer, vocalist, and DJ, Sébastien Akchoté-Bozović, and was released in 2010 from the album ‘Notre Jour Viendra’.

January 23, 2020

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