Belvedere Vodka Commercial & Song – Actor Daniel Craig Dancing

Here you can watch the full-length Director’s Cut version of the new Belvedere Vodka commercial and discover all the song and actor information.

Directed by Academy Award-winning New Zealand filmmaker, actor, and comedian Taika Waititi, this advert for vodka brand Belvedere looks set to be one of this year’s most talked-about and memorable ad campaigns.

Who’s the Belvedere Vodka commercial dancer?

If you didn’t recognize him, the man performing a rather distinctive dance routine in this Belvedere Vodka advert is English actor Daniel Craig who’s most famous for playing the British secret agent James Bond in the hit film series. Not previously known for his dancing, Daniel Craig’s moves in this 2022 ad spot do remind us a little of actor Christopher Walken’s routine that he performed in the official music video for producer Fatboy Slim’s 2000 track ‘Weapon of Choice’.

What’s the Belvedere Vodka commercial song?

Advert Music: Untitled.
Artist: Rita Ora & Giggs.
Year: 2022.

The song playing in this Belvedere Vodka advert is a currently untitled tune that’s been recorded for the commercial by British singer-songwriter Rita Ora and her sister, the rapper Giggs.

Although this tune hasn’t yet been released for download or streaming as an official single, perhaps because it was commissioned specifically for the Belvedere ad, you can listen to it in the above Soundtrack YouTube video and of course in the vodka commercial’s Director’s Cut.

TV Advert Music
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