Beko Advert Song – AquaTech

Lionel Messi, his Barcelona Football Club teammates and a catchy piece of music feature in this new TV advert for Beko AqquTech washing machines.

The ‘Wash Your Excuses Away’ commercial starts with a young girl telling her father that it’s time to train, but feeling lazy he replies with ‘Excuse #55’ “Later?”. It turns out though that his daughter has some serious connections in the footie world, asking “What if I bring some friends?” as Barcelona football stars Lionel Messi, Marc-André ter Stegen, Luis Suárez, Gerard Piqué, and Arda Turan enter, making you wonder why she needed her dad to practice with in the first place.

As the Barca players walk in, the dad suddenly gets a burst of energy, throwing his soccer top in their Beko AquaTech machine and heading off to training camp. The ad demonstrates and tells us about how AquaTech machines replace the harsh drum movements of their conventional washers with the power of water, making them up to 50% faster and gentler.

What’s the Beko advert music?

This AquaTech Beko commercial song features the lyrics “Every time that I think of you, I don’t know what I’m to do. . . Stay with me. . . Just hold me now”. Although the tune and vocals sound very similar to the song ‘This Head I Hold’ by Californian band Electric Guest, the lyrics appear to be different.

As it turns out, we so far haven’t been able to identify the name of the music track or the singer, but we’ll update this page if we learn more. The song may either be an old, very obscure piece of music that we currently haven’t been able to trace, or it could be a brand-new song recorded especially for this Beko TV ad campaign.

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