Barclays App Advert 2021 – Moneyverse – Song & Full Ad Video

A man becomes the master of his Moneyverse and gets his finances organized in this 2021 TV advert for the Barclays App.

While busy picking up his kid’s toys off the floor, a father finds an electricity bill that needs paying, so he gets out his phone and opens the Barclays banking app.

This action leads to the guy, the contents of his home, and all his possessions lifting up into outer space, where he’s able to use special powers to neatly organize his spending.

Advert Music: Out of Space.
Artist: The Prodigy.
Stream or download from Amazon.

After some careful repeated listening and comparison, we believe this Barclays advert song is a slower version of the suitably-titled tune ‘Out of Space’, perhaps remixed especially for this commercial.

The original was released in 1992 by big beat electronica band The Prodigy, sampling Jamaican reggae singer Max Romeo’s 1976 track ‘Chase the Devil’.

4 Feb 2021

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