AXA Commercial 2020 – Know You Can – Song by Josette

Following on from their previous TV commercial starring tennis player Serena Williams, which you can watch here, insurance company AXA has just released this new 2020 commercial that’s also titled ‘Know You Can’

Now featuring the tagline ‘Self-belief drives every journey to a successful business’, this latest AXA advert shows a boy growing up to become a mechanic and garage owner. We then see years later the devastating effects of a fire but how, with help from his AXA insurance, the man is able to rebuild his classic car business.

Advert Music: I Can (cover).
Singer: Josette Music Club.
Stream or download from or Amazon UK.

This 2020 AXA Commercial song is a new cover version of the track used in the previous Serena Williams advert, which was ‘I Can’ by the American rapper, songwriter and music producer Nas.

Again featuring the lyrics “I know I can be what I wanna be”, the cover version playing in the above video was recorded by Josette Music Club and was released for download last month.


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