Aviation American Gin Commercial with ‘Peloton Wife’ Actress Monica Ruiz

The now-famous ‘Peloton Wife’ actress Monica Ruiz is apparently ‘safe’ in this commercial for Aviation American Gin, after switching her disciplined exercise lifestyle for alcoholic drinks with friends.

Looking like she’s still dealing with the after-effects of her 12-month fitness regime and living with her on-screen husband, Monica stares blankly at the camera in this funny ad spot, before eventually commenting “This gin is really smooth”.

After being reassured that “You’re safe here”, the actress toasts “To new beginnings”, before drinking her glass of Aviation American Gin all in one go. Monica Ruiz is then quite rightly reassured by her friends: “You look great by the way”.

Following this ‘Gift Responsibly – The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back’ Aviation Gin commercials release, we’ll have to wait and see which product proves to be the most popular gift this Christmas, a Peloton Bike, or a bottle of gin.

This American gin brand is now partly owned by the Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds, who himself has starred in previous ads for the product.

December 7, 2019

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