Apple Fitness+ Commercial – Workouts with Apple Watch – Song by TYPO.S

This ad spot introduces viewers to Apple Fitness+ which, powered by Apple Watch, is being described as “a new fitness experience for everyone”.

Users will be able to access workouts on “Any screen. Anywhere. Anytime” via the Fitness app on their iPhone or iPad, or even on the big screen through an Apple TV box.

Any of those devices, combined with an Apple Watch, will give users the chance to try world-class workouts from some of the world’s top fitness trainers.

Beginning in late 2020, Apple Fitness+ will be available free for three months when you buy an Apple Watch.

Advert Music: Go Time.
Artist: TYPO.S.
Stream or download from or Amazon UK.

The Apple Fitness+ commercial song featured in this ad video is a tune called ‘Go Time’ that was recently released for download by TYPO.S.

October 21, 2020

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