Apple & AT&T iPhone 11 Commercial – Slofie Whiteout – Song by Y2K

This short new 15-second 2020 commercial for the iPhone 11 uses footage of a guy taking a ‘Slofie’ while out snowboarding.

The slow-mo selfie video shows a snowboarder momentarily wiping out and getting covered in snow, before carrying on his way.

Titled ‘Whiteout’ and featuring the AT&T logo near the end, this video from Apple’s YouTube channel tells us in the description that “Now you can shoot your selfies in epic slo-mo on iPhone 11’s front-facing camera”.

Advert Music: Lalala.
Artist: Y2K & bbno$.
Download or stream from or Amazon UK.

This 2020 Slofie on iPhone 11 commercial song is titled ‘Lalala’ and was released for download last summer by the combination of the American music producer Y2K and Canadian rapper bbno$.

January 19, 2020

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