Amazon Alexa Commercial – Opera – A Voice is All You Need

Past and present musical listening styles collide in this latest commercial from Amazon as a man travels back in time to ask an opera singer to perform “something more fun”.

But as the ad concludes, we see the actor is actually relaxing at home in the present day, where he asks Alexa to add the new tune to his ‘Summer Vibes’ playlist.

What an age we live in when we can interrupt a performance to request whatever tunes we’re in the mood for from our personal voice assistant, without any worries of appearing rude or selfish.

Advert Music: I Feel Love.
Singer: Donna Summer.
Stream or download from Amazon.

Following the interrupted classical operatic performance of Mozart’s Queen of the Night aria, the 2020 Amazon Alexa advert song that the commercial concludes with is titled ‘I Feel Love’.

This track was released back in 1977 by the US singer-songwriter, and actress Donna Summer, taken from her fifth studio album ‘I Remember Yesterday’.

This same song was used back in January, which now feels like a very long time ago before coronavirus changed the world, in this M&S Denin ad.

A cover version by the English singer Sam Smith also featured in this Christmas TV commercial for the American retailer Target.


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