Aldi Christmas Advert – Song by Robbie Williams

Kevin The Carrot escapes the clutches of those cheeky blighters The Leafy Blinders in this Aldi Christmas TV advert, which features a reworded song by Robbie Williams.

Following those brief teaser trailers that have been airing, Aldi’s full festive commercial opens with Kevin The Carrot tied in the street to a cheese grater by veggie gangster Russell Sprout and his gang of Leafy Blinders. It turns out this mob is angry at our orange hero for stealing the Christmas show, which they claim used to be all about him and his green pals.

But when Russell chucks a tomato at Kevin we see that even this character has a name, it’s Tiny Tom and he quickly gets to work freeing Kevin by bitting through the rope. The duo then run off into a big top tent where Kevin puts on a Greatest Showman-style musical performance, voiced by singer Robbie Williams.

All you Robbie fans will recognise Kevin’s song choice as being a cover of ‘Let Me Entertain You’, but now including these new lyrics:

“Sprouts are gone and Kevin’s here, shower me with festive cheer. Bring those mince pies over here, with cream! Decorate your Christmas trees, smother me in cranberries. What’s that flying over me? Reindeer?”, then continuing “Roast that turkey ’till it’s bronzed”, something about prawns, “The oven’s on so don’t be long”, before singing the songs original chorus lyrics.

This #KevinTheCarrot Aldi ad finishes with Kevin shooting Leafy Blinders leader Russell Sprout out of a cannon before we see the tagline ‘Put On An Amazing Show This Christmas’.

Advert Music: Let Me Entertain You.
Artist: Robbie Williams.
Stream or download the original from Amazon UK.

As we mentioned, this latest Aldi Christmas advert song is a reworded cover of the track ‘Let Me Entertain You’, performed by British singer-songwriter Robbie Williams. The former Take That member released the original version as the last single from his 1997 debut solo studio album, which he titled ‘Life Thru A Lens’.

Having been released from an album that featured such songs as ‘Angels’, the Let Me Entertain You single did well to make it as high as number 3 on the UK chart.

If any of you viewers out there don’t get this Aldi adverts Leafy Blinders theme, it’s actually a pun-based parody of the BBC’s hit TV drama Peaky Blinders. The question now is do Aldi have any vegetable puns left over for next year’s Christmas ad campaign? There can’t be many left.

6 November 2019

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