AirPods Pro Commercial 2021 – Jump Rope Dancer – Song by Young Franco

Apple invites you to transform your world into a playground with AirPods Pro in this new ‘Jump’ 2021 TV commercial that’s also being shown on TikTok and YouTube.

In this full-length version of the advert, we watch a man, Double Dutch champion Kengo Sugino, wearing Apple’s AirPods Pro while skipping and dancing in a city over a series of improvised jump ropes, created from such items as a hosepipe, a barbershop sign, and even basketball court lines.

At one point during the ad spot, we even see the actor take on some jump rope action in animated graffiti form.

AirPods Pro Advert Music: Fallin’ Apart.
Artist: Young Franco (Feat. Denzel Curry, Pell).
Stream or download from or Amazon UK.

This 2021 Apple AirPods Pro commercial song is a tune called ‘Fallin’ Apart’ that was released last year by the Australian DJ and dance music producer Young Franco, whose real name is Joseph Da Rin De Barbera.

The electronic dance music track also features the artists Denzel Curry and Pell. Here you can listen to the full song in the single’s official YouTube video:

TV Advert Music
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