Who sings the Range Rover Evoque commercial song? – Place In My Heart

Range Rover showcase the new 2020 Evoque SUV in their current TV advert, which is now being aired in multiple countries around the world. The film shows us a dog, who lives in a city apartment, dreaming about the much-improved quality of life they could have if their owner took them out on trips to the country in the Evoque.

Although the dog appears to be enjoying the car journey, I’m pretty sure it’s the running around outdoors that’s their real idea of heaven.

Who sings this Range Rover Evoque commercial song?

Advert Music: I Found A Place In My Heart (Find Your Heaven). Artist: Dom James ft Emma Smith.

When you listen to this 2019 Range Rover Evoque ad song you can be forgiven for assuming its a piece of music recorded many years ago that had until now somehow illuded you. In reality though, the track is titled I Found A Place In My Heart and was recorded just for this Range Rover advert by London-based composer Dom James, with those authentic-sounding vocals being performed by singer Emma Smith.

Despite the above 30-second ad video having been posted to the official Land Rover YouTube channel on the 11th of April, there’s still currently no update from the company on the release of a full-length version of this soundtrack.

14 May, 2019

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