63 Up ITV Trailer

ITV have just begun airing this trailer advert for the latest 2019 series of their groundbreaking documentary 63 Up, which checks in again on a number of men and women whose lives this Michael Apted-directed programme have been following since they were just 7-years-old.

Are these the original reality TV stars? If so I doubt there was any aftercare offered back when this show began. ITV are billing this new series as “featuring more of the original line-up than ever before”, as the show finds out what’s happened to the group during the last seven years. The new series is set to air on Tuesday the 4th of June.

63 Up Advert Song: Young Blood. Singer: Birdy.
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The music playing in the background of this ITV 63 Up trailer is English singer-songwriter and musician Birdy’s cover of the song ‘Young Blood’, which was originally recorded in 2010 by New Zealand indie electronic rock band, The Naked and Famous. Birdy, who’s previously had her music featured in TV adverts for Lloyds Bank, Deezer, Channel 5, Twitter and Sky television, released her version of Young Blood as part of her 2011 eponymous debut album. You can download the full-length version of this single now from Amazon and iTunes.

17 May 2019

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