Strongbow Commercial Song – Electric Dreams by Rob & Chris

To celebrate the fact they’ve been ‘Refreshing people since 1960’ cider brand Strongbow have just released this new TV advert that puts the spotlight on “real-life legends, from all walks of life”, with this video focusing on a couple of real guys from down the local pub.

Commercial Music: Together in Electric Dreams (live cover). Original Artists: Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder.
Download the original from iTunes or Amazon.

This new Strongbow advert song is a cover of Together in Electric Dreams, which was originally recorded back in 1984 by English singer-songwriter Philip Oakey and Italian composer Giorgio Moroder.

The two guys performing this great live music cover in the Strongbow ad are guitarist and singer Chris Kinley, along with pianist and singer Rob Waters. This cover hasn’t so far been released for download.

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