Tropicana Commercial Song – Yes It’s A Good Day

Tropicana promotes its current selection of fruit juice drinks in this new ‘Life In Every Drop’ TV commercial.

The ad stars an actress wearing a very summery yellow dress and finishes by showing us cartons of Tropicana Pink Grapefruit, Orange & Mango, Smooth Orange With No Bits, Pineapple, and Original Orange with Juicy Bits fruit juices.

Advert Music: It’s A Good Day. Vocalist: Peggy Lee.
Download from iTunes, or Amazon UK.

This 2019 Tropicana fruit juice commercial song is a tune by the North Dakota-born singer and actress Peggy Lee. The song is called It’s A Good Day and was released by the jazz singer-songwriter in 1946. Peggy co-wrote this single with her then-husband, jazz guitarist Dave Barbour.

April 29, 2019

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