Samsung QLED 8K TV Commercial Song – I Can See Clearly

All the big tech brands missions to sell us higher and higher resolution televisions moves into the next phase with this new ‘I Can See Clearly’ commercial for Samsung QLED 8K TV’s.

The ad video encourages viewers to “Stop Watching, Start Experiencing. Stop Viewing, Start Feeling. Stop Missing, Start Discovering”. All you’ll need now is plenty of 8K content to watch on it.

Advert Music: I Can See Clearly Now (cover). Original Singer: Johnny Nash.
Download the original from iTunes, or Amazon UK.

This 2019 Samsung QLED 8K TV commercial song is a cover of I Can See Clearly Now, which was originally recorded by the American singer-songwriter Johnny Nash. We’ll update this page if we discover the name of the female vocalist performing this excellent Samsung advert cover version.

April 12, 2019