Apple Watch Series 4 Commercial Song – Flight

Titled ‘Flight’, this new TV commercial for the Apple Watch Series 4 focuses on the sense of freedom the device now gives you when paired with cellular connectivity.

To give us a visual sense of this freedom, the ad video shows a woman first taking a run through city streets, before turning into a forest and heading up a mountain. On here way up, the actress is then blown high amongst the clouds, where she spins and flips for some time, before eventually diving into a lake and swimming away.

Commercial Music: Breathe. Artist: Son Lux.
Download from Amazon UK, & iTunes.

This atmospheric 2019 Apple Watch Series 4 advert song is a piece of piano music titled Breathe, which was released in 2016 by the American three-piece experimental electronica band Son Lux.

20 February, 2019

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