SEAT – Because Them, Us

Titled ‘Because Them, Us’, this new 2019 SEAT TV advert takes a look at alternative ways of doing things and peoples responses to their less favoured aspects of life.

The 60-second video includes the slogans ‘Because They Did, We Don’t’, ‘Because They Won’t, We Will’, ‘Because They Own, We Share’, ‘Because They Complicate, We Simplify’, ‘Because They Judge, We Embrace’ and ‘Because They Look Back, We Move Forward’.

Advert Music: Missile. Artists: Dorothy.
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Featuring the lyrics “This war is mine. I am the missile”, this 2019 Seat advert song is a track called Missile that was released in 2016 by American rock group Dorothy.

SEAT UK Because Them, Us YouTube commercial video release date: 2 January, 2019.

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