Audi Sport R8 Commercial Song – Close To You

Audi Sport has recently launched this ‘A Pleasure To Follow’ TV commercial for their new Audi R8.

The extended advert video shows anyone and everyone with access to a motor vehicle setting off in pursuit of the German sports car. By the end of the ad, we see people in garbage trucks, wedding cars, police cruisers, fire trucks, a school bus, taxi cabs and even a doughnut delivery car all following the R8.

Advert Music: Close To You. Singer: Reneé Dominique.
Download the Carpenters version from Amazon & iTunes.

This latest R8 Sport Audi commercial song is a cover of the Carpenters hit (They Long to Be) Close to You. The version playing here was recorded by singer-songwriter Reneé Dominique but hasn’t been released as a single.

15 February, 2019

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