Nissan Micra N-Sport Advert – Not Regular

The new ‘Agile. Tech. Style’ 2019 TV advert for Nissan’s Micra N-Sport showcases the hot-ish hatch’s modern look and technology, which includes carbon look 17” alloy wheels and Intelligent Trace Control.

The ad video also features footage of a person flying on some kind of jet hover board and finishes with the tagline ‘Where To Next’.

Advert Music: Regular. Artist: Ateph Elidja.
Download or preview at Amazon & iTunes.

Opening with the lyrics “I’m not regular. I will not give you regular”, this N-Sport Nissan Micra advert song was released for download last year by the music composer, producer and DJ, Ateph Elidja. The same song also features in the Apple CarPlay version of the commercial.

29 January, 2019