What’s the Citroën C4 Cactus advert song? – Hula Girl

Citroën’s TV ad campaign for their New C4 Cactus shows just how good the cars ride quality is, thanks to its Progressive Hydraulic Cushions suspension and Advanced Comfort Seats. To demonstrate these features effectiveness, this commercial shows us one of the few scenarios where a firm, rougher ride would actually be an advantage.

We see a girl place her hula girl ornament on the cars dash where, despite the Cactus being driven over speed bumps and cobbled roads, it stays still, much to the girls disappointment. Luckily though for the youngster, her school bus later provides an ideal platform for lots of hula dancing fun.

Advert Song: Pixies, Sylphs and Fairies. Singer: Pi Ja Ma.
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This 2019 ‘Hula Girl – Comfort Is The New Cool’ Citroen C4 Cactus advert music is a recently-released song titled Pixies, Sylphs and Fairies, which was recorded by the French vocalist Pi Ja Ma. The singer, whose real is Pauline de Tarragon, released the track as part of her Nice To Meet U debut album.

27 January, 2019

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