Lyft Commercial Song – Nope/Yep

On-demand transport company and Uber alternative, Lyft, have just released their latest TV commercial, which shows a man repeatedly saying “Nope”, as he gives up on driving his own car and reverses all the way home.

Once there, the guy uses the Lyft phone app to order a ride so all those nopes change to “Yep”.

Advert Music: Apache. Artists: Incredible Bongo Band.
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This 2018 to 2019 Lyft commercial song, which becomes more recognizable towards the end of the ad video, is called Apache. This version of the tune was released in 1973 by funk music project the Incredible Bongo Band and features on the album Bongo Rock.

Lyft Nope/Yep YouTube advert video release date: December 12, 2018.

TV Advert Music
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