Visa Christmas Advert Song

Visa UK have just released their Christmas TV ad campaign, just in time for the festive shopping season. If you’re looking for the 2019 commercial, we have the video and details for that one here.

Obviously the debit and credit card company would prefer if you make your purchases on plastic, but it also appears they’d rather you avoid the internet. The Keep It Local This Christmas commercial encourages viewers to make a cast of local retailer’s wishes come true by supporting their local high street.

Advert Music: All I Want For Christmas Is You. Artist: Mariah Carey.
Preview or download on iTunes, Amazon.

There’s little mystery surrounding Visa’s Christmas 2018 advert song choice, with the video showing shop owners singing along to Mariah Carey’s festive favourite All I Want For Christmas Is You. The single was released in 1994 and pretty much became an instant classic.

Visa UK #KeepItLocalThisChristmas YouTube video release date: 8 November, 2018.

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