Mercedes-Benz GLE – Long Run

Titled ‘In the Long Run’, this commercial for the Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV follows a female triathlete and her family on the day of a big race.

While the woman is busy swimming, cycling and running, her daughter waits anxiously at home, before messaging her dad to ask him to pick her up and drive her to the triathlon. This extended advert video then concludes with the tagline ‘For all the miles that make you stronger’.

Advert Music: Cold Little Heart. Singer: Michael Kiwanuka.
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This Mercedes-Benz GLE ad soundtrack is titled Cold Little Heart and was recorded by English soul musician and singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka. This piece of music was released for download in 2016 and is taken from the album Love & Hate.

November 29, 2018

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