Apple MacBook Air Commercial Song – Lightness

In this commercial for the MacBook Air, Apple focus on the laptops new thinner and lightweight design. The ad shows the device floating as if it were in space and finishes with the slogan ‘Lightness Strikes Again’. This latest version of the MacBook Air comes with an eighth-generation Intel Core i5 processor, a Retina display, Touch ID, a next-gen butterfly keyboard and Apple’s T2 Security Chip.

Advert Music: Trampoline. Artists: SHAED.
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Released for download in May of this year, this new Apple MacBook Air commercial song is titled Trampoline. This piece of music includes the lyrics “I’ve been having dreams, jumping on a trampoline” and was recorded by Washington, DC three-piece group SHAED, who include singer Chelsea Lee.

Apple MacBook Air – Lightness YouTube video release date: October 30, 2018.

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